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Hand painted wooden rotating crystal grid with overlays

Hand painted wooden rotating crystal grid with overlays


I love it. This hand painted cosmic wooden rotating crystal grid comes with 4 hand drawn acetate sacred geometry overlays. Two different Sri Yantra designs, 1 metatrons cube and 1 seed of life design come included. 


I have painted many layers of acrylic onto this base to give the most beautiful stellar look with iridescent medium and glitter used for extra shimmer. I have Coated the finished disc in layers of liquitex varnish for extra gloss and protection. 


Each acetate sheet has been hand drawn by me using an oil based marker. 

It is not recommended that food be served straight off the board if using as a server but used as a base for your bowls, plates, baskets and condiments. Never use a knife directly on the board as it will damage the paint.  



15 inches (38.5cm) diameter approximately


Please note, this listing is for one grid base and four overlays 

*crystals, flowers & vase not included ;D

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