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Crystal grids

“Consciousness sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, awakes in the animal and slowly becomes aware of itself in man.”


Grids are available in the shop and custom orders are welcome. 

Crystal grids, when used in conjunction with healing crystals, sacred geometry and intention can amplify and direct energies to achieve a purpose or goal. 


I specialise in making crystal grids and each one is hand made using clay. When the clay is dry I hand etch each grid with a sacred geometrical pattern then create one off cosmic artwork using acrylic paint, iridescent medium, glitter and varnish. The process I follow ensures that each grid is a one off design.


Arranging your chosen crystals in different formations can intensify and direct energies to help you achieve a certain goal or purpose. Combining Fluourite to help encourage clarity of thought with Aventurine which can help with manifestations can be helpful if you have big decisions to make or need to plan for a trip, house move or are contemplating making life changes. 

Picking the centre crystal for your grid is a down to personal choice but crystal Quartz is a great all-rounder, helping to clarify and focus your intended crystal energies.

Using your grid

Using a crystal point, go to the very centre of your grid then from the exterior of your grid work your way inwards, touching the energy field of each crystal until you reach your centre crystal. When you do this you take the individual energies of all the crystals and bring them into one. 


It is all about focused energy, about setting a goal or intention and about creating in your mind, that which you wish to manifest. 


It is ideal to leave your grid sitting for 40 days and to look at it each day, once again, creating in your mind, that which you wish to manifest.  

Further reading

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