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Free Mindful March calendar - Digital download

Free Mindful March calendar - Digital download


Mindfulness is a core skill of DBT therapy and I hope that you gain something positive from using the Mindful March calendar 


The goals of mindfulness are to:


  • Reduce suffering
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase control over our thoughts 
  • Experience reality as it is


We can practice being Mindful by:


  • Observing - Be present in the moment and pay attention consciously without clinging to or pushing away experiences, thoughts or emotions. Let go of words, descriptions, judgements and assumptions float away


  • Describing - Use words to describe thoughts, feelings and experiences. Separate views, interpretations and opinions from the facts. Label thoughts as thoughts, emotions as emotions, actions as actions for example - 'A feeling of fear has arisen within me', 'A thought 'I'm not good enough has entered my mind', 'Heart beating fast' etc. Stick to the facts


  • Participating - Throw yourself into the moment, become fully immersed in the present, become 'one' with the now - Participate intuitively by using your 'Wise Mind' to do what is needed in each situation without barriers. Go with the flow and adjust with spontanaity to each situation. Embrace change 


Dancing, eating, writing, walking, gardening, cooking and more can all be done mindfully by observing, describing and participating


If you would like to offer feedback on this download, please feel free to email me at 


  • Important information

    File type - PNG - This is a digital file, please make sure that you have software compatible with this file type

    License - The file may be downloaded and printed out for personal or therapeutic use only. This file, including all wording and images are not for resale either digitally or physically

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