Hand painted cosmic LindyBop full circle skirt - Size 16

This is a completely hand painted cosmic circle skirt. It is full, it is lucious and it's out of this world. 


This LindyBop 100% cotton skirt has been dyed a deep purple colour and has been galactified with fabric paints. there is no glitter or rhinestones on this skirt but if youd like some added free of charge, just let me know. 


This is a one of a kind hand painted piece of cosmic couture and while i will make other skirts in the future, no two will ever be the same. 


A full video of the process of painting this skirt is amongst the images above. 


The skirt is shown with a 26inch long petticoat that is not included. Petticoats can be found online for between £11 - £28




To fit waist - 34inches approximately. The band is fixed and not elasticated. 

Length - 26 inches

  • Care instructions

    To maintain longlasting colour 


    • Dry clean only
    • Iron on reverse