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Free Emotion wheel - Digital download

Free Emotion wheel - Digital download


Printable Emotion Wheel download


Identifying our emotions is a crucial part of Emotion Regulation

Identifying and naming our emotions gives us more power to understand and regulate them. We can not regulate our emotions as easily without knowing what we are feeling


Emotions are needed, they help to keep us safe for example fear. Fear of getting injured while crossing a road keeps us safe, it affects our actions by making us more aware of our surroundings. We all know the 'stop, look and listen' phrase. Sometimes however, our emotions can become overwhelming, unhelpful and lead to avoidance of situations. 


We can better understand our emotions if we can identify and name them. If it is difficult to name the emotion we can look at the situation that provoked it and the thoughts that arose. 


Emotions are neither good or bad in themselves, it is their impact on our decisions, our thoughts and actions we might find unhelpful. This is what we want to change


By identifying our emotions we can work to decrease their frequency, intensity and duration, We can have more control over our actions when we are more aware of the emotional causes


I hope that you find this Emotion Wheel helpful, any feedback is welcomed by emailing me at



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